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Davide Logiri Trio

Davide Logiri Sextet

Ricardo Moraes 4tet

Davide Logiri & Ashley John Long

Valerio Sgargi 4tet

Piergiorgio Elia 4tet

Sergio Crucitti 5tet

Ben Thomas 4tet

Academic Studies
Classical Piano with:
Elio Cantamessa
Mariagloria Ferrari
Edoardo Filus
Composition with:
Angelo Corradini
Giuliano Zosi
Francesco Maselli
Jazz Piano with:
Diego Baiardi
Sante Palumbo
Antonio Faraò
Phil Degreg
Masterclasses with:
Ray Santisi
Dan Hearle
Jamey Aebersold
Harold Danko

A precocious talent, Davide started playing the cello and the piano when only seven years old, attending the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milan where he completed his apprenticeship, graduating Magna cum Laude.

Parallel to his classical studies, when he was fifteen years old he began to pursue his interests in jazz and in 1995 was ranked best pianist in the clinic run by the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

 This recognition allowed him the opportunity to perform at the main Italian Jazz Festival, Umbria Jazz in the Winter of 1995.

This marked the beginning of a concert career that led him to play in various European countries, also Russia, the United States, Argentina and Brasil with performances at many important Jazz Clubs and prestigious Festivals.

 In Louisville Kentucky he was featured on the International Night of the 2009 Jazz Fest programme playing with Mike Tracy.

In February 2013 Davide travelled to Brazil for a 15 days tour playing  with Ricardo Moraes.

In April 2017 Davide toured Russia, Wales, Argentina and Brasil shocasing cd new projects

He has had the opportunity to work with artists of international jazz and with some of these he has made recordings.

These include:
THE CHASE recorded with Andrew Fawcett partlyin Milan and partly in Cardiff

LIVE AT BIRD'S EYE recorded in Basel with Brasilian Bassist Ricardo Moraes in a live performance at Bird’s Eye Jazz Club

WINGSPAN with Mike Tracy  4tet in Louisville Kentucky in the USA.

FRESCA L'ARIA with Annabella Fadin

PRINCE OF PERSIA with Ashley John Long and Piergiorgio Elia

LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING with Valerio Sgargi Marco Panascia and Ari Roland and Alessio Pacifico

Umbria Jazz
Lago Maggiore Jazz
St Donat Fest of the Arts
Wavin' Jazz
Garda Jazz
Breacon Jazz
Art& Music Festival
UFL Louisville Jazz Fest
Jazz Eavesdrop Kazan
Northern Lyre
The Chase
Love is a many Splendored Thing
Live at the Bird's Eye
Prince of Persia
Fresca l'aria
New Diamond ( on dec 2017)

In 2004 he meets and soon starts a collaboration with the English saxophonist Andrew Fawcett and his musicians. After 2 English and 2 Italian tours including the presence at Wavin' Jazz festival in Bellagio and St. Donat Art Fest in Cardiff, Andrew and Davide start thinking about a new project:The Chase, which becomes a cd in February 2006.

Davide, Andrew and Gianluca Alberti showcase the cd in The U.K in August 2006 playing at Jazzland (Swansea), JazzCafè (Cardiff), The Bulls Head(London), The Black Cat (Northampton), The Lion (Notthingam), The White Swan (Stratford Upon Avon) and Harri's Jazz (Shepperton).

The  newspaper The Guardian rates the concert at The Black Cat as one of the 3 "gigs of the week" in the UK.

Davide is also the official pianist of the Ricardo Moraes 4tet and he has toured with the band of the Brasilian Bass player in August and September 2007

The Band has been recorded live during a Concert at the Bird's Eye Jazz Club in Basel and this recording is a cd produced by Radio SNJ:

Live at Bird's Eye Jazz Club

Davide has developed a "Miles Davis tribute" which was first presented at the Garda Jazz Festival.

The project has been presented in many other Important Festival including:

Art & Music Art Festival in Lecco in Italy.

Breacon Jazz Festival in Uk

Ufl Louisville Jazz Fest in USA.


In 2009, during the Usa Tour Davide has recorded a cd with the Mike Tracy Quartet.

The cd Wingspan is now available by Sea Breeze Label


Davide Logiri has toured Russia playing at the Eavesdrop 2010 Jazz Festival organized by Tatrstan Republic in the Capital Kazan

at the Norther Lyre Festival in St Peterburg

and at JVC Jazz Club in St Peterburg


Davide organised a concert for the city of Milan to celebrate the centennial of Duke Ellington, playing along with Marco Brioschi, Bruno DeFilippi and the American jazz star Don Friedman.